Numark NV 4 Deck Serato DJ Controller

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 Numark NV 4 Deck Serato DJ Controller

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Numark NV 4 Deck Serato DJ Controller and Remix Pack

Think Visual

NV reimagines the hardware-software experience for the professional DJ and brings it to a whole new level. At the heart of NV's sexy, condensed chassis is a set of 4.3-inch full-color screens that provide 1:1, real-time feedback for Serato DJ, coomplete with waveforms, Cue points, effects (FX), spinning Virtual Decks, and more.Thanks to Numark's critically acclaimed Numark hardware designed to optimize the Sertato DJ software experience, you can now untether your eyes from your laptop screen without sacrificing functionality.

NV's screens allow for simple library navigation and detailed waveform displays for dynamic control over all four decks. Find yourself needing to monitor the waveforms on deck 3 while you load a new song on deck 1? No problem! NV gives you the info you need to do so on a dime.

Go Ahead and Touch it

Numark has taken note of their flagship NS7II controller's groundbreaking performance pad modes and touch-activated controls, and has brought them to the NV, along with capacitive EQ, FX, and filter knobs that respond with a touch, twist, or both.

Venture into deeper levels of control to reach new ground on the creative front, using the included sonic shaping tools. EQs can be set to carve out a frequency or drop/boost it altogether at the tap of a knob. Give your FX new life with aggressive filter-effect combos and instantaneous FX kills.

Experience unparalleled response and control with the new 5-inch touch-activated platters, giving you reliable, predictable results no matter the venue or user thanks to Numark's self-optimizing adaptive platter technology.

Sample slicing, effortless looping, finger drumming, hot cues and more are made possible with 16 velocity-sensitive pads to be used in over 10 pad modes. Take advantage of these pads in even the darkest nightclubs with full-color LED illumination behind each one, giving you the visibility and color-coded feedback you need to mix to your full potential.

NV puts an absurd amount of control into an intelligent layout. Use the 4 decks of track control to manage complex set components or keep multiple tracks at-the-ready with ease. Live the remixer's dream: see and hear what your layers are doing without ever taking your eyes off of the elements that matter most.

Innovating yet again, NV comes with Toolroom Records artist Remix Packs. featuring professional-grade audio stems from the world's premier electronic music label. Keep your finger on the pulse of the industry with the cutting edge tones and grooves available exclusively to NV users. Remix an entire track live or use slices to build performances from the ground up. The game-changing NV has been pushed into the stratosphere wtih world-class, expertly-curated content to use within Serato, the industry standard for the modern digital DJ.

Out on the Road with Inputs for Pros

Pro meets portable with the NV, as no other controller gives you as much in such a concetrated form.. Coming in under 2 inches tall, NV's build and layout provide all the agency you need with none of the bulk you'd get from other controllers. Booth/Master RCA outputs as well as balanced XLR outs allow for close to universal compatibility. With two headphone outputs and a mic input, the NV is your central hub for the entire performance. A simple USB connection to your Mac or PC is all it takes to DJ with this potent 1-2 punch from Numark and Serato.


  • 4-decks of Serato DJ software control in a sleek, low-profile design
  • Integrated displays let you focus on the music, not the computer


Numark réinvente l'expérience du mix hardware/software pour le DJ professionnel. Au coeur du NV, retrouvez des écrans couleurs polychromes 4.3 pouces en qualité 1:1 dans un châssis compact et solide. Avec une parfaite cohésion et rétroaction en temps réel avec le logiciel Serato DJ, vous allez pouvoir utiliser les decks virtuels, les effets, points cues, waveforms et bien plus encore ! 

Vous allez même pouvoir mixer l'ordinateur fermé sans sacrifier sa fonctionnalité et continuer d'utiliser le meilleur de Serato DJ. 

Caractéristiques- Numark NV 

- Contrôleur DJ 4 voies dédié SERATO DJ dans un format compact 
- Compatible Serato Flip avec l'Expansion Pack 
- Ecrans couleurs intégrés permettant de vous concentrer sur votre musique, pas sur votre ordinateur 
- Ne fonctionne pas sans ordinateur 
- Boutons d'EQ, de filtres et d'effets avec activation de la fonction tactile pour un contrôle immédiat 
- Chacune des 4 voies dispose l'un large potentiomètres de filtres sensibles ou non au toucher avec 3 fonctions : Filtre, filtre Roll et Filtre FX 
- 12 effets fournis par iZotope avec contrôles dédiés 
- Créez des combinaisons d'effets, des transitions, des EQ KILLS stupéfiants 
- 2 larges plateaux 5" dual-zone sensibles au toucher 
- Crossfader CP-PRO avec course ajustable et fonction Fader Start 
- 16 Pads rétro-éclairés RGB sensibles à la vélocité 
- 10 modes Pads pour déclencher échantillons, boucles, points Cue, Slice... 
- Interface audio professionnelle 24 bits USB 2.0 
- Sorties stéréo Master XLR/RCA + stéréo Booth RCA + casques jack 6.35mm et 3.5mm. 
- Entrées ligne/phono RCA + microphone Jack 6.35mm 
- Plug and Play, logiciel SERATO DJ inclus (en téléchargement) 
- Pack d'échantillons Remix Toolroom Records inclus (en téléchargement) 
- Dimensions : 54.9 cm x 34.0 cm x 5.4 cm 
- Poids : 3.2 kgs

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